Skip the package truck. We've got what you you need right here. 

Our on-site gear package has been carefully curated to ensure it works well in the space and services everyday production needs. And because we just love new gear, you'll also find plenty of unique and hard to source specialty items. 




12x 2K Mole Richardson spacelamps, silks and targets (no black skirts), pre-hung: $50/per
1x 10K Arri T12 fresnel (complete), set of 5 scrims and barn doors: $350
2x 220V Arri T12 extra bulbs (included)
4x 5K Arri fresnel, set of 5 scrims: $150/per
2x 2K Arri fresnel, set of 5 scrims: $75/per
6x 2K blonde, 2x sets of 5 scrims: $75/per
7x 1K Mole Richardson fresnel, 2x sets of 5 scrims: $55/per
2x 1K Arri open-face, 2x sets of 5 scrims: $55/per
4x 650 Arri & Mole Richardson fresnel, 2x set of 5 scrims: $50/per
4x 650 Para: $40/per
1x 600 Pepper fresnel: $40
2x 300W Arri fresnels, set of 5 scrims: $45/per
3x 750W Source 4, 19 degrees, 1x iris, assorted gobos: $35/per
1x 1500W Chimera lantern socket kit: $50
1x 500/750W Chimera triolet kit, speed ring and Octaplus 3' bank: $65
1x 150W Dedolight kit: $45


2x 4' X 4 bank Kino Flo kit, daylight and tungsten: $65/per 
1x Diva light: $50 
1x Joker 800 Kit, speed ring, compatible with Octaplus 5' light bank : $250 
1x Vista Beam 600, daylight & tungsten, grids: $250  


8x Astera Titan Tubes: RGBW colours, wireless, and complete with Transmitter: $50/Light - $350/Set in Studio - $450 - On Location Rental


1x Chimera Octaplus 5' light bank, Lighttools grid, 5K and 2K compatible: $65 
1x Chimera Octaplus 3' light bank, Lighttools grid, 750 or 500 compatible: $45
1x Chimera quartz plus medium light bank: $50
1x Chimera pancake large light bank: $60
1x 15 3/4" Quartz series ring (included)
1x 10 5/8" Quartz series ring (included)
2x Chimera adjustable speed ring, 9" - 16 1/8", for 2K and 5K (included)
1x Med. 60 degree hard honeycomb grid: $35 
1x Med. 90 degree hard honeycomb grid: $35 


Distro included with grip packages.
1x 4 AWG (6 x 60 amp) distro box
4x 3 x 20 amp Dief box
4x 50' joy cable
4x 25' joy cable
1x 50' 3-wire #2 AWG
1x 25' 3-wire #2 AWG
7x 50' 12/3 AWG A/C cable
26x 25' 12/3 AWG A/C cable
1x X 50' SOCA (male and female splays)
1x X 25' SOCA (male and female splays)
5x 1K dimmers: $10/per