We've designed two essential grip packages to make life easy.


6x C-stands with grip arms
2x Sky highs
1x 750 Roller
2x 750 Light-weight stands
Flag box
Sand bags
Apple boxes
Assorted rigging and fabrics included


Includes everything on grip list (see below) and all frames, silks, sky highs, pipe, and rigging hardware.



Stands & Rigging 

2x 2K Manfrotto double wind-up: $35/per
2x Sky high: $12.50/per
2x Jr. sky high: $12.50/per
2x 5K brace stands, triple riser: $12.50/per
1x 2K rocky-mountain stand: $12.50/per
2x 2K Mole low-boy roller: $5/per                 
2x 2K (stills) ultra lightweight roller: $5/per
20x C-stand base, head, arm: $8/per
3x Baby C-stand: $8/per
8x 750 lightweight stand: $5/per
2x 750 roller stand: $5/per
2x 750 mini-preemie stand: $5/per
3x 750/2K baseplate: $4/per
1x 750 Manfrotto mini-boom pole: $15
1x 2k Boom: $35 1x Super-boom (articulating): $25
3x Counter-weight (included)
3x Ultra-lightweight 750 stills stand: $4/per
2x Triple telescopic hanger, 2K/750: $15/per
10x Butt plugs (2K-750 adapters): $3/per
8x Goal posts (2K- Pipe Adapters): $3/per
12x Cardellini clamps: $4/per
19x Mafer clamps: $3.50/per
1x Bag of various spigots (included)
12x 2K hangers: $3/per
8x 750 hangers: $3/per

2x Rigging Cube: $50/per


Accessories included with grip packages.
17x #1 small spring clips
26x #2 medium spring clips
8x #3 large spring clips
5x Hard 90s
6x 90 degree swivels
2x Duck bills
1x Foam core holder
22x Safety chains
4x Sound blankets
12x Full apple boxes
2x Half apple boxes
4x Quarter apple boxes
1x Box wedges
1x Box shims
1x Box pads
1x Box 2/4/6 blocks
25x Sandbags
Assorted AIS hardware


Flag box included with grip packages.
Flag box contains:
5x 24"x36" solid flag
2x 24"x36" double scrim
2x 24"x36" single scrim
2x 24"x36" silk scrim
1x 24"x36" empty scrim
4x 4'x4' solid floppy flags
2x 4'x8' Bamboola
1x 4'x4' heat flag
Assorted foam core (consumables)

frames & Cloth

All cloth includes grommets and strings.
1x 6'x6' Frame: (included)
2x 8'x8' Frames: (included)
1x 12'x12' Frame: (included)
1x 12'x20' Frame: (included)
4x Sets of 4 corners frame hardware: (included)
1x 12'x12' Digi green: $40
1x 20'x20' Digi green: $50
1x 6'x6' Bleached muslin: $15
1x 6'x6' Light grid cloth: $15
1x 8'x8' Light grid cloth: $20
1x 8'x8' Full grid cloth: $20
1x 8'x8' Bleached muslin: $20
1x 12'x12' Bleached muslin: $30
1x 12'x12' Light grid cloth: $30
1x 12'x20' Light grid cloth: $30
1x 7'x20' Solid black: $20
1x 8'x8' Solid black: $20
2x 12'x12' Solid black: $20/per
1x 12'x20' Solid black: $20
2x 20'x20' Solid black: $20/per
1x 20'x20' Rough black: $20
1x Bag Duvetyne scraps (included)

bounce accessories

1x 12'x12' Claycoat: $10
1x 8'x8' Claycoat: $10
1x 8'x8' Lighttools 50 degree grid: $35
6x 4'x4' Aluminum frames: $10/per
2x 4'x8' Aluminum frames: $12/per
3x 4'x4' Shiny boards silver: $14/per
1x 2K 4'x4' Mirror board: $22
1x 2'x2' Shiny board silver: $6
1x 4'x4' Styrofoam, with one side Scrim Jim silver: (included)
1x 2'x4'Styrofoam, with one side Scrim Jim silver: (included)
2x 4'x4' Styrofoam bounce: (included)
1x Box of assorted show card (consumables)
Assorted foam core/styrofoam (consumables)